Friday, November 9, 2007

This Diwali No Blasts...

Saanwariya. One of the longest movies of I've seen. I mean, I was waiting for the movie to end at times. Actually it was about expectations. I liked the movie in many places but I do not think many will like it. I could even listen to people saying, "Why did he make such a movie?", followed by, "Why did he Make the movie at all?". As I came out I suggested people to go for Om Shanti Om. And came to know that Om Shanti Om was also a fused bomb. So, with two blockbusters going down, this diwali even the film industry is not interested in crackers it seems.

Well, Saanwariya was a huge disappointment to be true. It was just a play, going on in some unknown place, at some unknown point of time. Just with the beauties of cinematography and music. But how long can a movie go on them? Even on the few beautiful scenes the director has filmed? The movie lacks a solid story. Or maybe its something I do not understand, in terms of moviemaking. But one thing is for sure. Saanwariya comes as the weakest SLB movies till date and there is no justice done to the big names associated to the movie.

The only good thing coming out of the movie is Ranbir. Named Ranbir Raj in the movie, Ranbir enacts Raj (Kapoor) at times in the movie, and seems to be breaking into the Hritik Roshan market very soon. Even the voice seems so similar. And the guy is a great dancer and actor, besides the looks that were of course clear from much earlier.

Monty's music has been of great quality but doesn't show much new except the title song which is as good in the movie as it was when u heard it for the first time. The half sung Saanwariya in the start tells that the movie awaits another rendering of the song and it is superb when it comes.

Anyways, when it comes to recommendation, I'd suggest u better wait for some more time, maybe Madhuri's Nachle brings some kick, or Goal makes u dance. Currently, Taare Zameen Par looks somewhat fresh and promising. Akbar-Jodha seems to be yet another flop as Hritik doesn't look very good as Akbar.

Filhaal, Saanwariya is over. And the exams are about to start for me.

Harshit Gupta

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