Saturday, December 15, 2007

Test Report

"11 baj gaye!!"
"kya hua?"
"Oh... Sorry Dude, I forgot totally...", my roommate was apologetic.
"Baaki sab kab gaye?"
I was out of bed and in my jeans in just this much of conversation.
"Don't know.."
"Kya kya le jana hai?"
"Take a pencil, and eraser, here they are. And pen and Identity card."
"Ya, kept them."

And I was out, for the test that was imperative for the job I had got in TCS. Now it was 11:10 almost and I was asking the invigilator to allow me as it was important for my job. Finally, he made a call and I was seated in a room with M.Tech. students. I was told I would not be given any extra time.

I really did not need extra time. I needed nothing more than the permission to take the test. And I took my seat.

Thus the test started. Questions were mostly on basics. I kept on seeing my watch and answering. I didn't even know how much time was remaining but had an idea that it would be around an hour, atleast. Soon i came to know there was an hour and half remaining. There were 120 questions on the paper. I was going more than one question a minute attempting every question, irrespective of how many of them I knew. At the time I had 45 minutes remaining, I had the same number of questions remaining.

Finally, the paper ended at 12:15 when in the room of almost 60, almost ten were still there. I gave my paper to the invigilator, and thanked him, came out, directly to my room. When I saw my cell, I saw two 'all the best' messages for the test. I couldn't do anything more than read them and delete.

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