Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Frustration gets a name

1. I think this blog is primarily for those who are ignorant of the world's happenings.
2. In this fast moving world, it seems everybody is ignorant. Of something or the other.

Well, don't ask me what it was. Just a bit of my mind. Nothing to mind. Let me start on what I have to.

Today, there is no doubt that Orkut has become the 'janta ki networking site' in India. If you want to know about the youth of the country, it's a simpler option to scrap a few and check their communities' forums rather than wasting time in meeting them. You can get information about almost anything on Orkut today. Be it a question from History or a song from the latest movie. Whether it's about the last Cricket World Cup finals or your admission to a college. Every information can be accessed on Orkut.

But today I tried something different. In a guy's profile, who had sent me a friends' request, I saw a community on FOSLA. I was interested and the very next thing I did was typing FOSLA in the search column on the top of the Orkut window.

And here it was. Almost 500 communities on FOSLA!

Don't tell me you do not know what is FOSLA now. Well, still if u think u don't know, I feel its my duty to tell u. FOSLA stands for Frustrated One Sided Lovers Association. The name provided by the movie 'Dil Dosti Etc', especially featured in the song 'Dum Laga'. Well, the song had to be a hit among students (don't tell me again u didn't listen to the song) and the result... 500 communities on FOSLA, ranging from 630 members to 0 members (now its possible to start communities with zero members too, do not know how).

The interesting thing here is that though there have always been a number of frustrated people on the net here and there, there has never been a single name under which so many people have put themselves. There has never been such a brand for frustrated people. It is interesting. In fact there are hardly 200 plus communities when u search for the word 'Frustrated' and 30 something for 'Frustration'. And brand FOSLA has got more results than any of these standard English language words. Phew!

Finally, frustration gets a name. It's branded now.

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