Sunday, February 24, 2008

In a flat world 1.2 (or) I've gone mad

Believe it or not. It's hillarious!! (nothing to do with Hillary Clinton)

Google is tracking what we are all listening. In all the countries. Based on those who put current track in their Gtalk. Big deal. But not much.

The much big deal is the results I saw. For the first time I entered the Google music labs (as they call it) and checked the results under All countries and All genres. And Mohit Chauhan's 'Tum se hi' was the third topper on the list.

So, in the flat world, Indians are participating in everything. Congrats India! The world is listening.

By the way, if u want to know what India is listening, u can select India instead of All countries. And if u are still not surprised, select genre soundtrack and all countries.


creation said...

nice blog!
thnx for visiting mine.. (tho u managed to comment for the wrong post, but i think i kno which one u actually wanted to comment on!!)

gud to learn that Indians are evrywhere!!

keep blogging.. n keep visiting!

A V DINESH RAO said...

totally unique blog !!!
way to go my friend....!!!