Monday, May 19, 2008

C Naught Minor

Dennis Khuraijam, or simply Dennis, has always been a strange creature, right from the day I first heard his name. Even after living in the same hostel with him for one year, he is as big a mystery to me as he was on the first day.

All I could understand of Dennis in past two years is that:
1. He is cool.
2. He doesn't care for anything other than that.

And even though I know that I don't know him, there have been instances when Dennis has shocked me. One such was when we were listening to 'Ajnabee shehar hai' song of Jaan-e-mann one day. Generally Dennis doesn't much listen to Hindi songs except very few favorites of his, those too getting occasional chances. In fact he is not much liking for Hindi movies as they are mostly 'bad copies' of those seen by him in English, or sometimes even Korean etc. (with subtitles of course).

Still, Jaan-e-mann was one of his favorites because it was 'fresh'. Anyways, while listening to the song, i.e. Ajnabee shehar hai, I was talking casually about how well Sonu Nigam had sung the song. For those who don't know me, I don't have any 'proper' knowledge of music but since I listen to music a lot, I consider myself nothing less than an expert.

So while talking, I simply said "Kitne high scale pe gaaya hai yaar!" (on what a high scale has he sung it!)

"I think it's C naught minor."

It took me sometime to understand that Dennis had told me at what scale Sonu Nigam had sung the song. It was a sudden shock for me as I didn't have any idea that he might have this deep knowledge of music. I mean I don't know whether it was right or wrong. All that mattered was that this guy who was listening to my time-pass blabbering about songs and music actually had some knowledge of music.

Later he told me he had learned to play guitar and probably keyboard and hence he knew that much. Whatever it was, I got something to remember for a long time, something that always comes to my mind when someone talks of notes and scales of music. The 'C Naught Minor'.

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