Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Language Love vs Rules

It's been long since I have blogged. In the mean time, I have had a number of reviews and seminars. And finally my engineering is over, with just one thing remaining, that is result. And I don't think there is much I need to do about that now, following the sayings of Shrimad Bhagwadgita. :)

So here I start all new again, on the same blog.

Yesterday when I was coming home from the Bangalore station after leaving my college, I noticed there are vehicles with number plates written in local language. Since I do not happen to understand much of Kannada, I found it was wrong, ethically because many people who need the number will not be able to read it, especially with the number of outsiders Bangalore has, and legally, because I think all vehicles should have number plates written in Arabic numerals . (1-2-3-4 etc.)

In fact the vehicle I saw was an auto which should, in accordance with law, have a yellow colored number plate, while there was a white one. I think such things should be avoided so that we can have better traffic regulation.

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PD said...

100% agree with you pal..
first time i came on your blog.. its very nice to see a very good blog by a VITan, Since i am also a VITan.. keep it up.. :)