Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Blogging. Not racing

Everybody makes mistakes. I do too. And here is one that I feel many people do. So did I.

Blogging. A wonderful thing. Something that gives you freedom to say what you want to say. And so people blog. And then they blog, and blog to get readers. That's where the mistake happens.

I was a guy who started a blog as an experiment last September. I kept blogging on and off with business, telecom, and Hindi blogs, hoping they would 'run well'. But in that I lost some of my real blogging pleasure. Still my big world (that's my BLOG) kept going.

And then, there was a block. When I didn't write, due to exams and then unavailability of net and then for no reason. In the meantime I started a blog on music, because I liked that. I thought I'd blog out my views on music because I always liked to make the first opinion.

This was something I was wrong with. I blogged. I gave out my views. But I joined the race I didn't have to. I started thinking more about viewers of blog rather than my views.

And that was One Of The Reasons that I wrote lyrics of three songs from Rock on!! As usual, some time after writing them I searched the song title on Google, and what happened opened my eyes. The top result belonged to a person who had copied the lyrics from my blog. (Don't ask how I know, I can understand if it's copied from mine) On the other hand, my blog wasn't in results. (I m talking top 50, that's what I keep on first page.) This little bad luck was an eye opener for me. This guy who copied my material told me that blogging wasn't a race and there was no point in reaching people with something before others, it's about reaching people with something different, something that is your own, your views you want others to know.

It wasn't that bad because I had written those lyrics because I liked them too, but I was wrong in searching for results and all, of my writings, especially those lyrics.

So if u r a blogger, or ever become one, be yourself and not what people want you to be.

Happy blogging.


ankit said...

i agree with u.. ur published personal research is public here and can be used for anything. i think u must be knowing about copy-paste technology.
keep bloging to express ur views and dont let it be a blind race. dont go for publicity, fans etc. write whatever u like...
enjoy blogging..

Ridhima said...

Can not agree with you any less! Blooging indeed is a very personal thing and best if it remains that way...one's mouthpiece...instead of trying to please the world at large.

As for your Rock on Lyrics...you can upload it here...and people will appreciate your effort.


Anand Nair said...

"the guy told me...." do u knw the guy who stole ur stuff personally or do u mean figuratively that he taught you that blogging isnt a race....

im a very amateur blogger n i totally understand wat u r saying... totally agree that ones blog is ones own space, ones creative outlet... im gona go n chek out the lyrics.. like the title track.........