Wednesday, March 5, 2008

I'm listening

Today I was chatting with a friend when a question popped up in front of me. Which songs was I listening to nowadays. And I was a thinking. Thinking because all the time there is some song that I'm listening to. My current favorite.

Actually I have a current favorite today too. But the reason I was thinking was that the song was not from a movie, not from a private album. It was from an advertisement. Interesting. The ad makers got ahead of Hindi film industry in my ranking.

Well, it was Jashn mana le jingle of Coke featuring Hritik that I am humming almost all the day for past three days. Cause of its beautiful music and touching voice.

Think its all 'Jashn' season for Hritik. First Jashn-e-Bahara and now Jashn-e-Coke.


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