Friday, March 28, 2008

Movies to watch out for

I do not know how many of you liked 'Race'. But I had no problem walking out of the room where my friends were playing the movie. Not that movie was bad or something. But I hardly found anything worth watching. (I've seen enough of the three gals in promos)

But I'm hoping from stock ahead. Here are some movies to watch out for.

Shaurya. Releasing next week, that is 4th April, I have at least some expectations from the Rahul Bose movie and I wish it passes them all.

Then comes U, me aur Hum. Releasing 11th April. I wasn't really expecting a lot from the movie until I saw the promos. Or should I say I was hardly expecting anything. But now I feel it's going to be worth a watch. If not more.

Tashan. 25th April. Don't know whether it will be good or not. But hope it to be a Hit. May be a super hit too. Waiting for the music launch of the movie as I'm hoping a lot from the music also.

Well, there are some negative expectations too. Bhootnath, which is expected a lot from by the media, I feel may not be such a good film. For the rest, we shall have to wait till May 9th.

My favorite, most awaited Aashayein seems to be getting late and will probably be coming in June.

Anyways, till then, if u r getting bored, there is no lack of movies. Or even good movies. For those who haven't seen it, there is a recommendation. Watch Dharm. It's fabulous. Saw it a few days ago. And if there still remains something, you can contact me anytime. :)

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