Monday, March 31, 2008

Khuda kay liye

Khuda kay liye.

A movie from Pakistan of which I saw a promo, the music touched me, and I downloaded all the songs of the movie.

Yes. I do have all the songs of the movie, and Allah Hu and Bandya seemed pretty good.

And now that the movie is out, I think I am going to see it too.

Generally i do not see the movie reviews very much. I simply see the promos and decide for myself whether I want to see a movie or not. But Khuda kay liye was a movie for which I have already read at least 3 reviews from both Indian and Pakistani reviewers. Reason, I have no idea about the director or the cast and crew or banner of the movie. And I was too interested to leave the detail of the movie.

The movie is from a Pakistani director (of course) Shoaib Mansoor and is a highly appreciated work and is said to be much above an average Pakistan flick. Interestingly, one of the most important roles in the movie is played by Naseeruddin Shah.

An Indian.

India. And Pakistan. And still no controversy? How is that possible?

Well, courtesy someone or the other, it is really not possible. When the role was given to the indian actor, a few people from Pakistan, even after acknowledging how good an actor Naseer is, had problems with the fact that the best role of the movie was given to an Indian. (I haven't yet seen the movie so I cannot say whether it was the best role of the movie or not)

And I really hope that there would be people in India also who would have problems with Naseer, an Indian actor, working there in Pakistan, who would be asking "India mein movies banni band ho gayi hain kya jo wahan gaya hai?" (Has India stopped making films that he has gone there?)

Though we do not have any problems with our young people all working for US. But then, you dare not compare working for US and working for Pakistan.

Next, since the movie was a Pakistan production, it couldn't be shown in India as Pakistanni movies' release inIndia was banned in 1968. We were being stopped from seeing a great, highly admired work of our own country's actor because it was produced by a person who lived in Pakistan.

But finally art won over the hatred and the movie's rights were bought by Percept Pictures Company and the movie is finally going to release on April 4.

Hope there are no problems with the release. Khuda kay liye.

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