Saturday, January 12, 2008

The failed 'Halla'

If you go for the movie, do not think you are going for a Rajkumar Santoshi movie, and you may like it.

Well, in the start it seemed that Rajkumar Santoshi is being too influenced by others, by Madhur Bhandarkar and other directors of commercial art movies. But Santoshi is a master of his own brand and should not try hand at such things. Also, the cast he has taken cannot be used to do those experiments.

After sometime, when Pankaj Kapoor enters, movie gets better, but the Santoshi-pace is hardly ever found in the movie. Even the script is not that good. The 'Khakee' touch is all gone. 'Khakee' to me, is a movie which you enjoy even when you do not know the story of the movie. And when you come to know the story in the mid of the movie, there is something you can feel. But 'Halla Bol' hardly has any touch of that greatness.

Though, there are scenes that are pretty good, but most of them are already aired in promos. Pankaj Kapoor is the only image you take home with you. Ajay Devgan is just fine and Vidya Balan has performed well in the few places she could. Darshan Zariwala is good. Anjan Srivastava and Sulabha Arya have played their small roles fine, too.

Music is not very good, except for one song, 'Jab tak hai dum'. The lines of late Dushyant Kumar in the song have been provided with all the zeal they require to reach the hearts of viewers, but the moment is short lived.

Actually the direction and acting are not bad but the slow speed and old-fashioned dialogues at some points make it weak and boring. And again, the fact hits harder when you go to the movie knwing it's a Rajkumar Santoshi film. The end too is not great and the movie almost fails to deliver its message strongly.

In short, do not go to the movie for Rajkumar Santoshi. But if you still need a reason, Pankaj Kapoor is the person to look forward to.

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