Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Simply Rajat

He acts. And he directs. He talks. And he listens. He plays a host to take up topics that need to be discussed but hardly ever are. A person who is almost a celebrity today - a celebrity in the making - actor, director, host - Rajat Kapoor.

Rajat Kapoor to me was yet another character artist when I started identifying with him, around the time when 'Corporate' came. But it was 'Bheja Fry' that made me know his name, not to forget again. Then, I saw 'Mixed Doubles' directed by him where he had acted too and I was sure Rajat was a person always looking for something new to do. And this time he is there, again, with his yet another 'different' movie 'Mithya'.

And then there was 'Lounge', a program that re-established his identity in my mind. The actor-director Rajat was seen in a different look, performing a different role in Lounge on NDTV Good Times. In fact this was the only program on the channel that caught my eye. Here Rajat plays host for a show where topics of social importance and relations are taken up. The two topics I followed were 'effect of children on romance' and 'adoption of children', the latter including important points like how and when should the adopted children be told the truth about them.

Truly speaking, I found the show one of the best talk shows I have seen and I would like to recommend it to people who like serious stuff.

And this time Mr Kapoor is coming in yet another new avatar. He is hosting the 'Lufthansa Nat Geo Genius' on the National Geographic Channel. The show is an Indian version of an internationally acclaimed quiz show and will search for the person who knows the most about each and every country in the world.

Well, all I can say for now is, keep watching what more he has in his bag.

For his small autobiography, you can see his page:


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