Wednesday, April 16, 2008

First Among Equals

99/100 to this one.

One of the best from Jeffrey Archer. Where you feel the pressure building even in your own mind whenever it comes to the election time.

The one mark I reduced is because I felt at times, or may be only one time, it seems that the author has written something just to add a twist and there is no enough reasonability.

But, beyond reasonable doubt, I enjoyed reading this one too just like Shall we tell the President, Kane and Abel, and As the crow flies as the book was extremely interesting even with the amount of politics involved which can be really boring at times.

With FAE, my personal count on Archer reaches 6 and I get a majority out of his novels. Hope to read a few more, and if possible, all, in the near future. For FAE, it's a highly recommended book if you are a Jeffrey Archer reader. As a word of advice, it may be better if you know a bit about the British political system as it will make the novel easier to follow.

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