Sunday, April 20, 2008

Lagi Shart?

I had hoped that the IPL will bring huge profits to the BCCI. In fact I thought it will be profitable for even Shahrukh, Preity, Mukesh Ambani, and may be Vijay Mallya too. Though I don't think the last one is as interested in profits as he is in the game and its glamour.

Later on, I thought it would bring profits to bookies too. Of course the players and all were to be benefitted.

But I never knew that it will be Chennai Hot Puffs 2007, my nearest baker, who will be enjoying profits from IPL.

I have been put of my hostel for quite some days for my project work and staying at my project partner Anish's room. It's a almost a small hostel as there are some fifteen people from the same college, most of them from the final year. We have a TV here that is connected to cable through some arrangement unknown to me but which is not completely legal for sure.

And now we watch the IPL matches in one of the rooms, where we all gather in front of the TV, getting a place wherever possible, on a chair, a mat or the floor itself.

It was the first match where it started. Anish supported Kolkata Knight Riders for the match and Abhishek Luthra supported Royal Challengers Bangalore. The bet was a veg puff which Abhishek lost badly. Next day he supported Mohali against Chennai and lost again. The system continued and Luthra had lost 5 veg puffs to Anish till last reported.

Anish has in total won 6 veg puffs by now and hasn't lost any. But now the bets seem to have come to such levels where we are ready to put a puff even on the number of dot balls in an over.

Whoever wins these bets, our bakery owner is sure to win in this game.

Now come to the higher end of it. We'll be soon going to our homes when the series will be in the mid of it. But we want to bet on who will be the winner of the series. So what will be the prize for the winner and how will it be given?

Any guesses?

Whoever loses, will get an e-recharge, i.e. top-up of the bet amount on the winner's phone number.


I think now I understand the line 'Ye India ka cricket hai bidu'.

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Shirls said...

Nice one!!

Personally, im not too into de IPL..its TOO confusing..cant make up my mind as to who im supporting [:P]