Thursday, April 10, 2008

How to react?

I was supposed to be shocked. And so I was. But the fact is that I was confused too.

Today, when I reached the library gate, I saw the face of our librarian that had become somewhat horrifying and a lot detestable for me. But the way it came to me, that was unexpected by all means.

It was her photo kept at the gate of library, with a garland over it, smoke of an incense stick, and a note that read, "We deeply regret to announce the death of our librarian Ms K Kalaichelvi."

For a few minutes I could not understand if it was truth or I was dreaming. And if it was a dream, was it good or bad? Well, it wasn't good, to say the least.

Cause even though I hated the lady, I couldn't think of something like that happening. It was just, just frustration against what she used to do, and so many people do here. And understanding that, I tried not to think bad about the lady, at least now that she was no more.

But the fact is that I couldn't think much good about her, and in some way, I was feeling a bit guilty for that.

Anyways, the facts were facts, and the hatred was hatred. But now, it all exists in the past tense only. So it's better I forget all those things.

One more thing, I feel, maybe it's only a feeling though, but I strongly feel that the thing she could not do putting up hundreds of boards in the library and using all the good and bad means, (sorry!) she did it when she wasn't there as the library seemed to be in the most silent of the moods today.

Well, now, only my apologies for talking anything bad I did talk about the dead. May she rest in peace.

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badri said...

Harshit jee,
very intresting article....keep it up..