Monday, April 7, 2008

Once again refugee?

Once again, I don't know my future. A few more months at my base where I have been for the last quarter to four years. And I will be somewhere for a few weeks. And then, somewhere else. And I hardly have any idea of either of the places.

After all, having an idea is not what matters.

I used to have a home, a school and a group of friends, like everybody else. Or like all the guys lucky enough to have a school, to be precise.

And then suddenly a day came when I no more had a school. A day I used to wait for, and a day I have detested after that day. That day took away the times with those friends of school and then, even I left my home to come back every 6 months as a guest.

Well, almost.

Then I reached Kota and had an year of coaching with some of the school friends around and some new ones. And it was a wonderful life. During my drop at Kota, I enjoyed one year of friendship, experienced one year of life, and simultaneously did one year of preparation for engineering entrance.

Well, almost. ;)

I finally got into a 'reputed' college as a result of one year of my 'hardwork', with no friends from my home this time. But then there were new friends. Like always. And sometimes, better.
After almost 4 years of stay in college, I had a friends' circle and a lot more circles. With and without girls. With and without boys. But there has been my 'Mohalla' with me all the time, except for the third year when I was in a different block. Something I know I'm gonna miss for long. May be for life.

I have had some of the best friends in college. And a big number of acquaintances with whom I have been involved with. With almost 1200 students in my year of B Tech alone, I doubt the number of people I know, at least their names, would be any less than 1k.

And there would be many of them I'll be missing at least some time in my life, for some reason or the other.

And Now I'll be leaving it all.

To stay in some place I do not know. As I've got a reputed company. I know I'll be having friends again wherever be the place I go but I doubt I'll be having such great days again with those friends. In fact, for the start, I'll be a refugee again. One in the refugee camp where everybody is new to the other and nobody knows where to go.

Ok. I think I'm not talking much sense. The fact is just that many things are going to become parts of history now. And I'll be missing it all. Just wish I get some of the present friends while getting my job. That is all I want for now.

Well, almost.

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